Michael Lamb has been working with and managing talent for 30 years and is currently accepting only a few new clients.

Lamb Talent Group is Seeking New Talent to Manage!

Do you have a passion or desire to have a successful career in the performing arts? Do you want to perform on the Broadway stage, TV or film? 

Do you feel stuck? Don’t know what to do next? Are you ready to get to work, really pursuing these dreams that you have? Now is a terrific time to get aligned, focused and create a plan to implement for your career.

Have you ever considered working with a Talent Manager? Someone with years of experience to help navigate and guide your steps with your career.

The Lamb Talent Group is accepting a limited number of clients to represent.

We are seeking talent over aged 18 or over to add to our Talent Management pool. (We will very selectively consider Talent aged 14 and older).


Please read the FAQs and fill out all the information below and submit your video audition to the lamb talent group.


Michael Lamb has been working with, guiding, directing and shaping talent for over 30 years. He has cultivated and shaped many careers and he’s looking now for new fresh talent to represent.


What’s the difference between a talent agent and a talent manager?

This is a great question. A talent agent generally represents talent by sending them on specific Auditions that are set up with casting directors. Talent agents generally make their money if you secure the job and get the role. They can take anywhere between 10 to 25% of your weekly pay.

A Talent Manager's focus is more on building a plan, to help you achieve and succeed in your career goals. A good talent manager will also be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and make specific recommendations so you can grow and become more equipped to not only secure a role but to handle it once you have it. A Talent Manager is also someone that can encourage, guide and give insight to help navigate complex situations that come up.

Does the Lamb Talent Group accept everyone who applies?

The Lamb Talent Group has a limited number of available opportunities for talent. Working and developing careers and talent is time-consuming. So our company is not only looking for the most talented but the most eager and hard-working artists.

What are the ages you represent?

Our talent management company works with ages 18 and up. We selectively work with a few, ages 14 and older.

Is there a fee to be represented?

Yes, there is. Some Talent Managers charge a percentage up to 25%. At Lamb Talent Agency we choose a more steady model. For those whose audition is selected to have their career managed, there are several options. 

Annual Fee- $695 and then $119 a month or
Annual Fee- $1195 and then $59 a month or
Annual Fee- $1599 w/ no monthly. 

Talent Management is recommended for at least one year. So it is a commitment  for those who are selected to work with the Talent Group.

Will you guarantee me to work?

Anyone that’s been in the performing arts business knows that there are no guarantees, but your chances of success greatly increased by putting in the work and by being guided and directed by experts in the field.

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